myCareBase FAQS

What is the mission of myCareBase?

We envision a world where all seniors can have their needs met at the time they need, in the way they want, in the home of their choice. Our mission is to support seniors in being able to access the services they need to help them stay living safely at home for as long as they wish to.

To support our mission, we have designed a platform to help families connect with vetted and pre-screened home care workers, and to efficiently manage these home support and personal care services. We aim to give families more control and visibility into their loved one's well-being, allowing them to monitor tasks performed in the senior's home and to facilitate seamless communication among caregivers.

How does myCareBase improve coordination and record-keeping?

myCareBase’s care management app allows families to organize tasks and delegate these tasks to individual caregivers—whether family members or paid workers—and enables caregivers to record notes and observations. This ensures essential information regarding the senior's care is documented and easily accessible to all involved parties.

What kind of observations can caregivers record using myCareBase?

Caregivers can record various observations, including details about the senior's meals, medication schedule adherence, mood fluctuations, and other relevant information about their well-being and daily activities. In addition, paid care workers can log their hours worked so there is a record of hours to facilitate pay.

Does myCareBase offer messaging capabilities?

Yes, myCareBase offers in-app messaging, allowing all members within the care group to communicate seamlessly. This eliminates the need for fragmented emails and texts, enabling efficient communication among family members, paid caregivers, and anyone involved in the delivery of care.

Who can be part of the care group in myCareBase?

You can invite family members, siblings, paid caregivers, or anyone else who needs visibility into the delivery of care to join the care group, which we call a Care Circle. The app is designed to accommodate all stakeholders involved in the senior's care.

Do I need to have a paid caregiver to use myCareBase?

No, myCareBase can be used between family members to coordinate tasks and communicate effectively. Whether you have hired caregivers or solely rely on family members, our app can facilitate smoother coordination and monitoring of home care services.

How can I connect with my caregiver using the app?

myCareBase provides a dedicated communication channel between family members and hired caregivers, allowing you to stay connected anywhere, anytime. By centralizing communication within the app, you can ensure that everyone involved is updated in real-time. To connect a caregiver with the rest of your family, you would create a Care Circle and invite individuals to join, including family members and also the paid caregivers. Together, the members of the Care Circle represent the team that is taking care of the senior.

How are you different from a care agency?

We offer a model of home care delivery that is different from that of a traditional care agency. By presenting a marketplace approach, and allowing families to peruse, interview and select candidates, we are giving complete control and visibility to the family to choose the care provider that they feel is best for their parent or family member. You hire the caregiver and we will never pull them to work for other clients. We want each family to have a consistent caregiver for the duration of the senior’s needs, and we are here to provide administrative support such as payroll, insurance, and back-up coverage.

What if I don’t have the energy to peruse all the caregiver profiles on my own or don’t know who to pick?

Don’t worry, we know it can be overwhelming. We created an innovative caregiver availability finder to help families find a shortlist of available caregivers based on day and time needed, neighborhood, and other selection criteria. Start with that, and you’ll see a shortlist of candidates. You can also contact us to speak with a Care Advisor who can help you pinpoint the exact candidates who would be the best match, and suggest a few to start with.