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At myCareBase, we know that to keep a senior living safely and happily at home, the family also needs as much help as they can get.

Within this Family Caregiver Hub, you will find a collection of curated content and important resources to support the family caregiver whether that caregiver is a spouse, adult child or other relative.

This hub will expand over time, and include things like articles, e-books, brochures, interview transcripts, videos and webinar recordings. It will include content that is purely original to myCareBase and also content developed with third party experts. We will organize everything in such a way that makes it easy for you to find the right resources that apply to your current caregiving issues.

Much of the content here is also useful for seniors who are planning for their own care, with or without family involved.

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The Sandwich Generation

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A Caregiver’s Reading List

Here’s a little roundup of book titles that we’ve found that might benefit caregivers. It covers numerous scenarios that caregivers may have with their aging parents as they are caring for them; from caring for parents who weren’t...

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Aging Parents with High Care Needs

Caring for elderly family members through the natural aging process can already be tough as it is, but how does one cope and handle an elderly parent who has particularly high care needs due to a chronic condition or debilitating...

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Common Hearing Disorders

Hearing problems can occur at any age, and is not a strictly senior issue. The good news is that there is help when it comes to common hearing disorders....

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What is Aphasia?

Hollywood recently brought to light the issue of aphasia. Read on to find out what aphasia is....

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Walking Safety Tips for Senior Trekkers

When we start to age, care and thought now need to take place before we even think of placing our feet on our front porch! Welcome to the aging feet!...

Downloadable Resources

Estate Planning Top 10
Estate Planning

10 Reasons to Stop Putting Off your Estate Planning

Estate planning and getting your legal affairs in order can feel overwhelming, and many people procrastinate on this until it is too late.  Here are 10 good reasons why you shouldn't put estate planning off any longer.  This is a featured download created by the Wills and Estates group at Miller Thomson. 

Home Care Guide
Home Care Guide:

How to choose a caregiver and identify what tasks you need help with

Sometimes we look for help for ourselves, and sometimes we look for help on behalf of others. Being a family caregiver can involve wearing many hats.
Home Safety Guide
Home Safety Guide:

Checklists to keep your loved ones safe.

In this booklet, we will provide you with a home safety assessment and checklist, so that you can easily determine the safety improvements that are needed to keep your loved one safe.
A Guide to Powers of Attorney
A Guide to Powers of Attorney:

How to choose one and what it means to be one

If your parent is over the age of 70, you may want to start discussing with them the idea of having them grant a power of attorney as a contingency for the unexpected.

We would love your input on what you want to see here and what kinds of resources you would find most helpful.

This component of our site is designed just for you and we welcome all input!
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