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Fraud Jumps 152% in ONE YEAR!

The increase in the sophistication of scams, together with many older adults learning online skills during the pandemic, means the landscape is ripe for people to fall victim....

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Post-COVID Senior Travel

Who better to ask what’s happening in the world of senior travel than a travel agency that managed to stay afloat through the thick of the pandemic, and is a shining example of a thriving, small, local Ontario business....

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Celebrating Christmas Around the World

Behold, the winter celebrations! To break up the darkness, friends, family, and community come together to celebrate each other and to do some serious merry-making to help get through the rest of the dark season....

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The Most Depressing Month of the Year

Are you feeling more like you want to crawl under the blankets than face another work day? You’re not the only one. November has earned the title of the most depressing month of the year....

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Celebrating the Holidays with Your Elderly

Holidays can be a difficult time for people living in the sandwich generation. You want to make the holidays special for your growing family, but you don’t want to exclude your aging family relatives. However, you’re wondering how to...

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