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Fraud Jumps 152% in ONE YEAR!

The increase in the sophistication of scams, together with many older adults learning online skills during the pandemic, means the landscape is ripe for people to fall victim....

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A Caregiver’s Reading List

Here’s a little roundup of book titles that we’ve found that might benefit caregivers. It covers numerous scenarios that caregivers may have with their aging parents as they are caring for them; from caring for parents who weren’t...

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Aging Parents with High Care Needs

Caring for elderly family members through the natural aging process can already be tough as it is, but how does one cope and handle an elderly parent who has particularly high care needs due to a chronic condition or debilitating...

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Common Hearing Disorders

Hearing problems can occur at any age, and is not a strictly senior issue. The good news is that there is help when it comes to common hearing disorders....

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What is Aphasia?

Hollywood recently brought to light the issue of aphasia. Read on to find out what aphasia is....

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Walking Safety Tips for Senior Trekkers

When we start to age, care and thought now need to take place before we even think of placing our feet on our front porch! Welcome to the aging feet!...

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