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Fraud Jumps 152% in ONE YEAR!

The increase in the sophistication of scams, together with many older adults learning online skills during the pandemic, means the landscape is ripe for people to fall victim....

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How to #EscapeArthritis

September is National Arthritis Month More than 6 million Canadians are affected by arthritis, of which 800,000 are British Columbians. Arthritis is the #1 chronic condition among women, and it is the most expensive and debilitating...

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The Silver Foxes of Hollywood

Age is nothing but a number for these actors of Hollywood. Living and breathing their art for decades, these silver foxes of the silver screen show no signs of slowing down....

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Best Volunteer Roles for Seniors

A 2010 Statistics Canada survey shows that elderly people aged 65+ make up 36.5% of the volunteer population. That number is higher now. Seniors are an integral part of the volunteer force. Read on to see what are some of the best...

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Geography of the Aging Brain

Studies show that there are numerous ways we can enhance what we have, and even reverse some of the features of the aging brain....

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Tips for Travelling in the Golden Years

When folks sell their homes is usually when they have the time and money for travel. Let’s take a glance at the process with a guest blog post by Joie Red of Changing Paces....

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