Proactive Seniors Ltd.


Proactive Seniors Planning, Seniors Housing Support, Mobile Occupational and Physical Therapy

Calgary, Alberta
Kathy MendhamOwner

Years in business - since 2016

Skills/capabilities – Care planning, Seniors housing advice and support, Occupational and Physical Therapy

Services offered

    1. Proactive Seniors Planning – Helping seniors and their families make a comprehensive plan that will address their health, wellness and living-well needs now and into the future.  Ensuring seniors will have the right support in place at the right time and that they are well prepared to make informed decisions and choices that support their goals and wishes.
    2. Seniors Housing Support – Ensuring that seniors who need or want to move into a seniors housing, a retirement residence or care facility have the information and strategy support needed to make their best decision.
    3. Mobile Occupational and Physical Therapy – Providing therapy, rehabilitation, education, home safety, modification and equipment support to seniors in their homes, seniors residence or care facility.

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