Rena Yudkowsky


Professional Memory Coach and Geriatric Social Worker


Rena Yudkowsky Owner

Years in business - Since 1998

Rena is a professional memory coach and geriatric social worker. Rena is passionate about her mission of helping people age more healthfully, both physically and cognitively, as she empowers them to believe in their own memory with confidence. In addition to her private clients, Rena is also currently the memory coach for an international anti-aging clinic where she does 1:1 coaching and is working on a comprehensive program to prevent dementia.

Special Offers:

  1. We are offering a complimentary 30 minute private consultation with Rena as a welcome bonus for any new customers of our home care marketplace services. Please mention this offer at the time you start the matching process to find a caregiver. 

  2. We are offering a 10% rebate to those who sign up for any of Rena’s programs through our site using the links above. This is available to everyone regardless of whether you are a customer of any of our other services.  Please contact us either before or immediately after you sign up for one of Rena’s programs.

Services offered –

  1. Monday Memory Motivation – a 45 minute monthly brain workout over Zoom, with a different topic and set of exercises each month, aimed at sharpening memory. For those who cannot attend live, the session is recorded and available to all registrants.

    Follow this link to learn more and to sign up:

  2. ReMembership – a 3 month membership program to help you take charge of your memory. The program includes live group coaching calls, training videos, brain exercises, an exclusive WhatsApp group and lifetime access to all of the recordings. Here are some of the things you’ll learn:

    - the basics of how memory works
    - brain stimulating exercises to create new brain cells and neuro-pathways
    - focusing techniques to help you get more done
    - internal strategies such as active observation, visualization and other focus techniques
    - information recall techniques
    - external memory aids
    - brain-healthy foods to incorporate into your diet
    - how to distinguish between normal and abnormal memory loss

    Follow this link to learn more and to sign up:

  3. Memory Matters Signature Course – This program is a 2 part course that will help you regain control over your memory.

    Part 1 consists of 10 live weekly Zoom sessions (recorded for those who cannot attend live), an interactive workbook, an exclusive Whatsapp group, and exercises you will do with your classmates.  In Part 1, you will learn:

    - how your memory works
    - focus techniques
    - active observation and visualization techniques
    - techniques for remembering names, numbers and lists
    - how to remember a large chunk of information
    - how to use external written, auditory, and environmental aids
    - how to remembers directions and words from other languages
    - how to calm yourself down and use positive affirmations

    Part 2 consists of 4 live weekly Zoom sessions, (recorded for those who cannot attend live), an interactive workbook, an exclusive Whatsapp group, 2 expert interviews, and a bonus pack of brain exercises.  In Part 2, you will learn:
    - the research on preventing dementia
    - the best supplements for brain health
    - ways to optimize sleep habits
    - the 4 pillars of brain health
    - top 10 foods for the brain
    - behaviours and lifestyle changes to bolster memory
    - how exercise grows your brain
    - more brain exercises

    Follow this link to learn more and sign up: