Those cold winds blowing, the frigid temperatures of those freezing nights, they are NOT kind.  All Canadians know about that special chill that sets into the bones, making you scurry for thick quilts and a steaming cup of hot cocoa.  But no one feels it more than our seniors.

The winter season holds some special concerns for seniors.  Not only do they have to contend with colds and flu, but heart attacks and high blood pressure also become more common in winter. The cold snaps increase blood pressure and put a strain on the heart.  Along with keeping the internal fires burning, seniors need to consume a balanced diet that addresses a declining appetite and nutritional imbalances.

More confinement indoors due to the cold leads to a lack of vitamin D consumption; dryer air means more dehydration all the while thirst is not as keenly felt in cooler weather.  Be mindful of taking in Vitamin C to combat the viruses that proliferate during the colder seasons. Make conscious choices to consume more fresh fruits and vegetables instead of starchy convenience foods, will help seniors weather the cold with a good, healthy digestive system.

Winterize Senior Nutrition
  • Keep drinking water.  Warm tea, hot apple ciders and hot cocoa are great to include in the winter but be aware of the extra sugar
  • Enhance food with vitamin-rich vegetables – add to soups
  • Increase vitamin-D fortified foods such as grains, and seafood, if applicable
  • Increase nutrient density, and worry less about portion sizes – healthy fats like avocado, olive oil are great, and fill you up
  • Include SQUASH – full of nutrients, hearty, and can be roasted, baked, pureed and mashed – they make great warming soups
  • Any root vegetable in the winter is filled with protein and dietary fiber – carrots, parsnips, beets, celery roots

Colder seasons are the BEST times for soup!  Whether it’s pureed or a homemade broth, soup for seniors in the winter is a great way to get them through the cold days and nights in good, warm, health.  Check out some of these links here and here for great soup ideas!

Beautiful and nutritious

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